Nov 20, 2013

Our How and Our Why

Our How and Our Why

If you’ve been following along on the blog for awhile, you’ve probably begun to see how much we care about helping schools and students succeed. You’ve also started to learn about what we do, and you’ve met some of the businesses, principals and parents we’re working with. However, it’s been awhile since you’ve heard anything from us about how our School Supporter app works or why we’re doing what we’re doing, and today, we’d like to address just that.

What better way to learn more about us than straight from the source, right?

How The School Supporter App Works

The School Supporter app is a free smartphone app that helps businesses and schools come together for mutual benefit. When a school signs up to fundraise with us, we create a custom version of the School Supporter app just for them that features deals and offers from local and national businesses that they choose. Businesses pay a flat annual fee to be featured on the app, and half of that fee goes directly to the school. The other half goes back to our company to help us continue to expand, create more free apps and serve more schools and causes.

This model is truly a triple win for the the schools that fundraise with us, the parents who use the School Supporter app, and the businesses that are featured on it. Schools raise significant funds that they can use to buy classroom supplies, update their technology and improve student experiences. Parents have an opportunity to fundraise for their childrens’ schools without emptying their own pockets, and in the process, they save money at places they’re choosing to shop. Businesses enjoy the benefits of marketing to parents in a respectful way that allows them to contribute to their communities.

Why We Exist

We’re here to build a world where schools and causes have the resources they need to make a difference in their communities.

We’ve chosen schools as our first area of focus. Why? Because we’re tired of seeing parents and teachers spending more than they can afford to support their schools when there are many caring companies with ample budgets that are eager to help schools get ahead.

After spending 20+ years working with schools, most of them in underserved communities, two of our founders Michael Barrett and Josh Reynolds decided to take matters into their own hands. They partnered with a third founder, Tony Onagan, who brought a unique sustainability perspective to the group, and together created a tool capable of building a powerful connection between schools that need help and businesses that want to support them. That tool is the School Supporter app.

Eventually, we plan to release a Cause Supporter app, and several other products focused on helping communities thrive. Collectively, we believe our apps will drive economic development, sustainability and social responsibility in the communities where they’re used.

Though Altruistic Apps is a for-profit business, making a difference for schools and causes is our first priority. We simply see profit as a vehicle to help us scale our impact.

We believe that true change happens when all members of a community band together to make a difference. That includes schools, causes, businesses, government and individuals. Our hope is that we can play a small part in building meaningful partnerships between all of these groups in order to strengthen our communities, and we hope you’ll join us in this effort.

You can learn more about the School Supporter app and sign up to fundraise or partner with us at

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