Nov 13, 2013

Business Spotlight: Freshii

Our School Supporter app provides a way for caring companies to really make a difference. Today, we’re introducing you to another business that has made the commitment to partner with its community and give back, Freshii.

Jamie Maloney is a mother of five herself, so she knows the power of quality education. She also knows a good fundraiser when she sees it. As the owner of Freshii, Jamie says she is incredibly pleased that half of her marketing dollars are going directly to the school she’s supporting. She describes it as “the best of two worlds” - coupons for fast, healthy eating and support of local schools.

Sound good?

All you have to do to start saving and start helping schools is get 50% of your school’s community to pre-register. Then, we’ll get your School Supporter app all ready to go.

Get involved.

If you’re a business owner, you probably like the idea of using advertising dollars for good. Not only are you introducing people to your product, you’re also making local schools better. That will help you make an impact in all the right ways. For more information on joining our School Supporter network, fill out this form.

You parents, teachers and school leaders probably have a business or two in mind when we say “caring company.” It’s the place where the owner greets your children by name and you feel right at home. Maybe it’s a business focused on social responsibility and sustainability -- or simply a place you love to shop and want a discount. Either way, we want to hear about it. Let us know the businesses you’d like to see featured on School Supporter in your own community today.

We look forward to making a difference in your community along with you.

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