Oct 23, 2013

Why Principals Love the School Supporter App

When principals set out to choose school fundraisers, they have two important priorities in mind. First, they want to respect parents’ time and efforts by choosing fundraisers that really work. Second, they want to give their students the support they deserve through fundraisers that are actually profitable.

Most principals (and parents) have tried fundraisers that have zapped time and energy for little return, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here at Altruistic Apps, we think we’ve found the answer.
Our School Supporter app is personalized to your school and its community, giving parents discounts at the places they already love to shop! Meanwhile, an impressive 50% of the money businesses pay to join the app goes straight back to the classroom.

But enough from us...we’d like you to hear it from someone who knows firsthand. Principal Schuth of Prairie View Elementary uses the School Supporter app at his own school and believes it can truly revolutionize school fundraising. Watch the video below to hear him explain why he loves it.

 This is a recurring revenue stream that has residual effects for years to come...and that provides the opportunity for PTOs and principals to focus on other needs in the building and get back to the business of educating students.     
-Principal Schuth
Principals can sign their schools up for the School Supporter app here.

Think your principal might be interested? Send them this blog post, and together you can show the businesses in your community that you’re serious about joining forces to improve education.

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