Oct 16, 2013

Six Ways to Fundraise Smarter This School Year

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By now, your kids have settled into the routine of a new school year, and so have their teachers. Homework, quizzes and tests are keeping them busy. However, if you’re like many parents, you’re probably beginning to notice that some aspects of your child’s school aren’t living up to their full potential. Maybe it’s a lack of technology in the classroom, the elimination of music or art classes, or too few specialized teachers.

The problem? It’s usually money -- there’s just not enough to go around. That’s why you’re willing to sell cookies and cut box tops to help your kids’ classrooms out. But maybe it’s time to add a few new fundraising tools to your belt.

Here are six “outside the box” fundraising ideas that will help you take your efforts to the next level:

Photo sharing for cash with PhotoFund 

Most moms have cameras at the ready at their kids’ events these days, but no one can be everywhere at once. Enter this fundraising platform, which allows parents to sell their photos to other families to benefit the classroom. That dad with the great photography hobby is perfect for this, and you’ll never the best moments from a game or show again!

Make money while you shop with the School Supporter app

We might be biased, but we think our School Supporter app is the most effective outside the box fundraising idea of all! The School Supporter App gives you discounts at the stores where you already shop and gives money to your school at the same time. All you need is 50% of the school’s parents to sign up, and you get an app customized to your community. It’s that easy. Spread the word, tell your school's principal, and get pre-registered today!

Make money with art with Original Works 

Your creative kids are constantly making new pieces of art, but far too often, those pieces get relegated to a shoebox or storage bin. With Original Works’ fundraisers, you can turn your kids’ artwork into professionally made products like coffee mugs, photo calendars, note cards and tote bags that you can wear and share. This is the perfect fundraising idea for groups looking to raise money for arts education programs.

Grow money on trees with Growum 

This might just be the most earth-friendly fundraiser we’ve ever seen. Growums' family gardening kits benefit schools with 50% of each $10 gardening kit going to the school of your choice. If that’s not enough, they also teach kids a science lesson and improve the environment. Growums might be a harder sell for families used to traditional fundraisers, but they’re a refreshing alternative that we think forward-thinking families can get behind.

Get rid of old cell phones with Funding Factory

With computers and cell phones changing all the time, many families have old, unused electronics sitting around at home. Recycle those gadgets for good! Funding Factory partners with schools to buy unwanted goods for cash.

Have good clean fun with a Rubber Ducky Derby

This one takes a bit of work, but the fun community event is worth it. Host a rubber ducky derby, and watch the dollars flow in. Sell $5 tickets and donated food on site. Consider adding a raffle for other donated prizes. May the best duck win!

What are you doing to think differently about fundraising this year? 

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