Jul 18, 2014

Jersey Mike's Sub Shops Local Franchise Owner, Jim Shipman -- is our Small Business Feature

What perfect timing; we here at Altruistic Apps™ get to highlight this community business, Jersey Mike's Sub at the height of summer. Just when those fun outdoor celebrations are in full gear. From graduation parties, and family reunions, to simple family gatherings. What
ever your reason, to us, these all make for great excuses to get the kids out of the house and us out of the kitchen (including hiring catering options) -- during summer time.

Any way you slice it, we couldn’t be more pleased to share a bit about our community partner, Jim Shipman. Jim is the friendly franchise owner of three Jersey Mike’s Sub store locations in: GenevaSouth Elgin, and St. Charles. He became a Business Supporter who’s put the School Supporter™ app, seen in the shot below, to work for his business. 

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a franchise business keen on giving back to its community, and we think the founder and CEO, Peter Cancro, would be proud of Jim Shipman’s example of that philosophy working with Altruistic Apps™ and the School Supporter™.  
In short at that means, is that he has selected a local Batavia school to sponsor for a flat fee, (with the potential of adding more schools) to have his business added as a School Supporter™.  Amazingly, 50% of that fee from using the app, goes directly to the school! 

Now, Jim can connect with the local community, provide specials found only on the School Supporter™app, plus he’s giving back —all at the same time!  The Batavia High School Boosters are doing a great job of building awareness of the app, and in-turn sharing how they plan to use the extra revenue generated to support the improvements to their sports facilities. 

 So folks, if you are looking for a great place for sub sandwiches, whether dining-in their retro Jersey shore styled restaurants, or ordering for catering, Jersey Mike’s gets our vote. From freshly made classic subs, hot or cold, to wraps and orders by the bag or by the box, you  can’t beat their selection. 

From all of us at Altruistic Apps we say thanks, and Go Bulldogs!

The Alltru-team

(Writing and Photography by ©lindambarrett productions)

Jul 2, 2014

Meet our Altruistic Apps Team: Steve Haney is our Creative Director

For the next several weeks, we wanted to take the time to introduce you to members of our team here at Altruistic Apps LLC. These are our talented, hardworking partners, often behind the scenes, and we're thrilled to share a bit more about their skills and talents.

Meet Steve Haney, our down-to-earth, easy going, and talented Creative Director. It's his keen eye that keeps the    branding consistent -- from the web and print collateral     to the School Supporter Apps, as well as the business icons.  

When asked what inspired Steve's creativity, his     response was, "I've always loved drawing." "When I was younger I was the kid always drawing pictures of            my family…sketching my brothers as cartoon characters." "From as early as I can recall, I was drawing, and people would  comment on how good and fast I was." Which makes it all the more surprising that Steve didn't take his first official drawing class until college.

Originally, his college studies were in mechanical and technical drawing, but after taking several  classes he found it wasn't as appealing for him. "I liked more creative drawing, so I switched to graphic design." Now, 35 years later Steve is still putting his pen to paper - as well as computer - creating web designs, and print collateral. He's designed logos, packaging, brochures  and more, for hundreds of clients.
Steve says the most rewarding thing for him is when he hears his clients response after seeing the work he's created, "their thanks makes me feel good…those direct conversations generate the best feelings."

Getting to work with Steve, as part of the team on Altruistic Apps has it's rewards too. Steve said that what he found appealing about Altruistic Apps "is that we'll be providing directly to schools…to me that's everything." "My kids are grown now, but they (their school) really didn't want for things, not the way that other schools did…it's a dramatic difference when I see photos of the schools from some of the neighborhoods in Chicago, and I think, wow, they need help!"  "And the best part is…we can help these schools." 

It's that big hearted nature, along with his creative skills, that makes us feel lucky that we're getting to work with Steve. Next time you click on an icon for your local school or small business or visit our website, know that it's Steve creative talents that help make those possible.  

The Altruistic Apps Team

Jun 9, 2014

AltruisticApps Small Business Feature: A hot cup of joe with Limestone Coffee & Tea!

Next time you are in down town Batavia, Illinois, look for this little gem of a coffee house, Limestone. It sits near the river, right off the main street at the corner of Wilson St. & N. Island/Shumay Ave.

This small town shop with a hip environment offers a full espresso bar, teas and blended hot and cold drinks. All of the steamed deliciousness is prepared with a smile by experienced barista's - including owner's Maureen and her daughter Kendall.  This duo also serves up a selection of fresh baked muffins, scones and quiche. So, grab a table and relax as you enjoy an environment that is also filled with local artwork.

Be sure you have the School Supporter App downloaded on your smart phone to get the latest in specials. We are proud to showcase Limestone who is supporting their local community by being a merchant that is generating money for the local schools in the area through its partnership with Altruistic Apps, LLC.

Check out our Small Business Feature article below.


May 20, 2014

Business Feature: Foltos Tonsorial Parlor

Small Business Feature

Every few weeks we will be doing a feature on one of our new local businesses; partners who are supporting both the community and your local schools through the SchoolSupporterApp.

We wanted a way to say thank you to the early app partners with this special value added blog feature, including sharing some photos and a bit more personal story about these local business that enrich our communities. These posts will also be circulated on our other social media outlets.

Feel free to share the links and drop us a comment or two.

Thanks for visiting and stop back often to see the new Business Features.

~The Altruistic Apps team