Jul 18, 2014

Jersey Mike's Sub Shops Local Franchise Owner, Jim Shipman -- is our Small Business Feature

What perfect timing; we here at Altruistic Apps™ get to highlight this community business, Jersey Mike's Sub at the height of summer. Just when those fun outdoor celebrations are in full gear. From graduation parties, and family reunions, to simple family gatherings. What
ever your reason, to us, these all make for great excuses to get the kids out of the house and us out of the kitchen (including hiring catering options) -- during summer time.

Any way you slice it, we couldn’t be more pleased to share a bit about our community partner, Jim Shipman. Jim is the friendly franchise owner of three Jersey Mike’s Sub store locations in: GenevaSouth Elgin, and St. Charles. He became a Business Supporter who’s put the School Supporter™ app, seen in the shot below, to work for his business. 

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a franchise business keen on giving back to its community, and we think the founder and CEO, Peter Cancro, would be proud of Jim Shipman’s example of that philosophy working with Altruistic Apps™ and the School Supporter™.  
In short at that means, is that he has selected a local Batavia school to sponsor for a flat fee, (with the potential of adding more schools) to have his business added as a School Supporter™.  Amazingly, 50% of that fee from using the app, goes directly to the school! 

Now, Jim can connect with the local community, provide specials found only on the School Supporter™app, plus he’s giving back —all at the same time!  The Batavia High School Boosters are doing a great job of building awareness of the app, and in-turn sharing how they plan to use the extra revenue generated to support the improvements to their sports facilities. 

 So folks, if you are looking for a great place for sub sandwiches, whether dining-in their retro Jersey shore styled restaurants, or ordering for catering, Jersey Mike’s gets our vote. From freshly made classic subs, hot or cold, to wraps and orders by the bag or by the box, you  can’t beat their selection. 

From all of us at Altruistic Apps we say thanks, and Go Bulldogs!

The Alltru-team

(Writing and Photography by ©lindambarrett productions)

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