Jun 9, 2014

AltruisticApps Small Business Feature: A hot cup of joe with Limestone Coffee & Tea!

Next time you are in down town Batavia, Illinois, look for this little gem of a coffee house, Limestone. It sits near the river, right off the main street at the corner of Wilson St. & N. Island/Shumay Ave.

This small town shop with a hip environment offers a full espresso bar, teas and blended hot and cold drinks. All of the steamed deliciousness is prepared with a smile by experienced barista's - including owner's Maureen and her daughter Kendall.  This duo also serves up a selection of fresh baked muffins, scones and quiche. So, grab a table and relax as you enjoy an environment that is also filled with local artwork.

Be sure you have the School Supporter App downloaded on your smart phone to get the latest in specials. We are proud to showcase Limestone who is supporting their local community by being a merchant that is generating money for the local schools in the area through its partnership with Altruistic Apps, LLC.

Check out our Small Business Feature article below.


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